Who is Lindsay Lohan - Biography of a Hollywood Actress

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After all, we did get a taste of her signing capabilities the year before in Freaky Friday.

About Lindsay Lohan

She released her debut album, Speak , which actually shipped over 1 million copies. By , she refocused her career by launching her own fashion line called Apparently, blowing through millions is easier than one would think. A good portion of her income went to purchasing fancy cars, designer clothes, overpriced handbags, and meals at lavish restaurants. Plus, she was hitting up three clubs a night, which can quickly make a big dent in your bank account.

While living her expensive and partying lifestyle, she ended up picking up a pricey drug habit.

Lohan, Lindsay

According to a Business Insider article , Hollyscoop reported on just how much Lohan was dropping on narcotics:. In the film, the sisters—one raised in England and the other in the U. Lohan returned to Disney in to star in Herbie: Fully Loaded.

In the meantime, Lohan also launched a music career. Thanks to her growing fan base, her first album, Speak , debuted in and hit platinum status. Her next album, A Little More Personal , hit stores in but didn't fare as well.

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As her celebrity status grew, so did Lohan's attendance at New York nightclubs. Her lifestyle became the subject of tabloid fodder, with issues ranging from her father's prison scandals to rumors of her own struggles with bulimia. She was arrested again on July 24 after allegedly engaging in a car chase with the mother of her former personal assistant.

In both cases, Lohan was found to be in possession of small amounts of cocaine, below the. After her legal run-ins, Lohan was only charged with two counts each of driving under the influence and a single count of reckless driving.

Lindsay Lohan: The Biography

However, a passenger in the car Lohan was accused of chasing on July 24 sued the star for assault and negligence. Lohan dodged felony charges when she reached a plea deal on misdemeanor drunken driving and cocaine charges on August She received the minimum sentence of four days in jail and credit for 24 hours already served.

Lindsay Lohan Bio - American Actress And Singer - Story Of Life And Career

The sentence was then knocked down to one day in jail, for performing 10 days of community service at a mortuary and in a hospital emergency room. Ultimately, the actress wound up spending just 84 minutes behind bars later that year. Her sentence also included mandatory rehab.

hukusyuu-mobile.com/wp-content/track/836-tracker-where.php After checking out in October, she told OK! Magazine that the experience was "sobering and humbling," and that her two main priorities were to stay sober and out of Los Angeles. In May , Lohan appeared as a guest star on the television sitcom Ugly Betty. She went on to appear in the film Labor Pains , which was released in Around the same time, she was reportedly working on a new album.