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Download Limit Reached You've hit your download limit for the month, so we have temporarily halted further downloads. Some have come to depend on the fire season as a way of life; others see it as a hindrance to business, or, worse, a searing reminder of destruction and loss.

Outside the town of Carlton, charred trees are peppered among those left unscathed in a mosaic pattern on the hillsides. Stark branches, quiet and still, are ghostly reminders of violent forces that have torn through the valley, scarring the landscape and community. The Carlton Complex Fire of began as four separate lightning-strike fires, but they converged into one conflagration that burned more than , acres and destroyed hundreds of homes. The next year, another cluster of fires, the Okanogan Complex, burned some , acres and forced the evacuation of Methow Valley towns.

An abnormally warm spring and diminished snowpack this year compelled residents to brace for the worst. But summer defied expectations. Fire seasons are hard to predict. Most people run from fire and smoke, but Bill Duguay built his life around this force of nature. In , Duguay, then a schoolteacher with a growing family, started to supplement his income by working as a firefighter over the summers. In , Duguay and his wife, Jennifer, bought their first used fire engine and launched Methow River Wildfire.

During slower seasons such as this summer, the company holds off on any big equipment or facility purchases. Fire and firefighters come and go in this mercurial industry, but Methow River Wildfire is a tight-knit organization. Bell takes shifts at a fruit-packing shed, while Cleverly and Hernandez work as a day laborer and ski chairlift operator, respectively.

During this mild fire season, they picked up firefighting opportunities outside of the valley.

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On this day, they had just returned from fighting the Williams Flats Fire in neighboring Ferry County. The three have the highest unemployment rates in the state, and their economies have seasonal swings familiar elsewhere in the rural West. A weak fire season is beneficial to the hospitality industry in the Methow Valley, but a decrease in fires inevitably leads to a decrease in local firefighting jobs.

But in a season like this, no work means no pay. Employees miss out on summer earnings that help them stay afloat through winter, when jobs are harder to come by. When Duguay started working for her parents at 18, she joined an exclusive club: according to the National Fire Protection Association, just 7 percent of firefighters are women. Duguay remembers experiences as an engine boss, when other firefighters assumed the role belonged to her younger brother, Willy.

When stationed for days at fire camps, she felt like a zoo animal, conspicuous and gawked at by male colleagues. The gender disparity made her work harder. After four years firefighting, Duguay today puts her experience to work as a stewardship associate for the Methow Conservancy. One aspect of her job is to help landowners make their properties more resilient to the fires she used to tamp down.

But the smoke and fires since have taken their toll. The decreased capacity meant Young had to cut staff, which typically reaches around 50 in the tourist season. Young, his wife Avery, and their 3-year-old son coped last summer by running air purifiers in each room of their Winthrop home. Boleto Bancario is only available in Brazil.

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