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Insofar as restorative justice is concerned, I fear we will have to take different action rather than trying to educate those who will not be educated. All of our wailing, moaning, and gnashing of teeth has resulted in very little progress for us. I sincerely feel that holding workshops, and annual conferences net us nothing, yet squander valuable financial resources which would be better spent on litigation and guerilla tactics. As an experiment, I plan to file this complaint as such later today. I feel that the best way to educate the public is via legal means.

Even those who side with us are generally too worried about their own hides to risk putting skin in the game. Using tactics like diversity of citizenship, forum conveniens, the doctrine of agency, and other legal tactics, we could give them the long-overdue kick in the nuts they so richly deserve. Now, I know you chastised another fellow on here for bad-mouthing an organization, however you would do well to heed his words. Who else is willing to pony up? The time for peaceful discussion is long over. In Dubio Pro Reo Svejk.

I also agree with Svejk. Conferences, seminars, workshops and the like do little for us, although we truly are thankful for the efforts and any progress that has been made. Lawmakers and politicians are not afraid of conferences and workshops. Laws will never change from these things-they never have and they never will. What will cause change are lawsuits by good lawyers that present irrefutable proof that the registry, and all laws associated with it are unconstitutional, and also do not protect anyone.

NARSOL and other rational sex offender law institutions really need to take a much more aggressive legal posture than they have if change is going to occur, and I am sure people on the registry will help fund that. The States and Courts have to be put in a situation where the registry is undeniably unconstitutional, and that any further support and continuance of it is a downright opposition and blatant denial of the Constitution as it is clearly written and that continuance of the registry would make the States and Courts violators and transgressors themselves of what our forefathers wrote.

That is what will bring about change-not seminars and conferences-they do very little. David and Svejk, thank you for your comments. However, even if we had all of the money in the world, we would not launch legal action just for the sake of doing so. Since every registry is governed by the laws of each individual state, these suits must originate from within the states.

There must be plaintiffs willing to come forward; they must be able to show persuasively that the registry in their state is violating their rights or causing cruel and unusual treatment in some manner. That may sound easy, but if you talk with any attorney, you will learn that it is not.

That is what legal action has to prove. Every law is assumed to be constitutional when it is enacted. Certain functions of the registry have been declared unconstitutional as applied to certain people in certain places. That is almost certainly how it will happen, a bit at a time. Yes, we all dream of the case that will, against all odds, make it to the Supreme Court and end in a finding that the entire scheme is unconstitutional.

We should keep dreaming, but we will also keep chipping away one bit at a time. As far as conferences and seminars — a soldier does not enlist today and be sent into a war zone tomorrow. He is trained first. Conferences and seminars are our training. There we learn how to best frame our conversations that will help the public see this from a different point of view. You are right, David; that is an important part of our mission. If a significant number of people in a state made it clear to their legislators and decision makers that they did NOT want a law passed, that would make a difference.

There we also learn how to testify at committee hearings, how to help write bills, how to engage legislators. The best way not to deal with bad law is to stop it before it becomes law. Our Texas group is at this moment, 6 a m, on their way to Austin to give testimony against proposed bad legislation. They have enlisted the aid of important stakeholders outside of the registered community — something else we learn how to do at conferences and seminars. This battle takes many, many people doing many, many different things.

We should support each other. We should make use of every possible strategy. And do not think that we are not open to constructive criticism and suggestions and alternate ideas; we are. Svejk, we are interested in whatever action you are able to take in Florida; please let us know the outcome of that. Sandy, Thanks for your thoughtful reply. As much as we may dislike them, it may be long overdue involving the UN in our battle. They also have funds established for suits to help those in-state unfortunates. This is highly targeted litigation for the common good.

I take great exception to your statement that all laws are considered constitutional when passed. If enough people make a noise about it, then is gets noticed for being unconstitutional. We, as the targets of often unconstitutional legislation, have a duty to stand up and shout when things are not right. Any lawyer will also tell you that States have immunity with their laws until they run afoul of the US Constitution. This should doubly concern the federal government, as it was their threats of cutting funding which forced States to adopt registry laws.

Lastly, I feel that an annual conference would be better served if held via video link, saving the expense of preparations, hotels etc. How far from the realm of the very possible would it be for officials to show up and create trouble for those who are in town for the conference, but have not registered as may be required? I will keep you posted on my fraud, waste and abuse efforts.

I trust that the regular web contact form will suffice. Thank you for your comment, Sandy, and it is well written. They have also used the same excuse to deny citizens of liberty and habitation which is unconstitutional. So we are at a point where even though a law is unconstitutional, it is alright to be that way if it is believed to be in some form or another beneficial to the State or Country until proven otherwise.

Remember, slavery WAS considered constitutional and legal at one time. You have to corner legislators and State legal systems. Simple answer-Yes. Conferences and seminars are great and they do help. But until the legal system itself is found at fault, by using legal proceedings, of violating the constitution and the rights of citizens, I am afraid we are not going to gain much ground. You are a real trooper, and I applaud you! You also stood up not only for us, but for basic human decency. Way to go!!!!!!!!!

Redemption, forgiveness, restorative Justice, Yes one would have to say it has to be for all. Actually one would have to be impressed if this sex offender issue was true value and justice for all. I believe the word established is part of the preamble. While we can all take a lot of hard knocks in life this sex offender issue is just man overcoming man whether in a biblical sense or a constitutional sense in a lot of these encounters.

Sure one services their time or probation it should be over or is someone predicting behind the shadows. Sure one can look at the facts and we can look at the abuse it is causing others to some degree, whether this offense is induced,suggestive,victim or victimless crime or not. Actually who is lead astray and enticed? Government and the criminal Justice system is not a bed of roses. Great Article. Restorative Justice is a great term but it means many different things to many people.

In the article, it is mentioned that we have to come to some consensus as to what this should look like. In this lies the problem. There is no plum line on moral restoration or means by which to get there. As a Christian, I believe that we need to ask what God requires of us to live at peace. In Micah 6. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God. It is a lot of work, but I believe that the epidemic of sexual assaults would be greatly diminished if we would listen to our creator. I am a recovery coach at a counseling center in Brooklyn NY.

I am not wildly religious. I have seen solid Christian principles bring healing to many men who have committed sexual offenses. I know this works. Our pride and lack of vision have brought us to this place in history. Our society, as smart as we think we are, lacks insights to make reasonable and just decisions. This is the real issue. Actually you all are sitting on the threshold. Some are incarcerated and even after incarceration they have watchers and still under trhe radar so to speak. Sure you can use all the man made resorces, scientific understanding, but its all in the bible.

Are we a theoracray or a democracry or a rebublic whats still wet behind the ears after coming up with a constutition. Not its ok to get mad or angry over a lot of this but one has to reason it out. As far as myself I do care about justice and not just justice for us but others that haven even gotten their feet wet. As always, great article. I especially salute the challenge you put forth to clinicians and people in power.

We must end the abhorrent discrimination against registrants who remain a special class of people unconstitutional denied the rights given to every other citizen. PA is the same-improvements in the law apply to all except registrants. Shame on the ACLU for not leading the charge here. The United States Department of Justice finds the age with the greatest number of offenders is This is a public forum. Your information: Name required :.

Mail will not be published required :. There is no justification whatsoever. Help us reach more people by Sharing or Liking this post. April 23, at am Reply. Sandy Rozek Admin. April 23, at pm Reply. John S. April 25, at am Reply. Fred Admin. Please help, Thanks! Thank you very much for helping this poor pigeon. And I would recommend that you contact pigeon-friendly Raptor Trust. They help pigeons and can guide you. I have two pigeons living on my balcony.

They have a son who for a long time would just perch on the bottom iron railing looking out on the world with no desire to fly. The next day who should come walking up the steps but my pigeon. He liked walking much better than flying. I think he is starting to trust me again. I have to go back to the States in three weeks for a month. I so enjoy him. Pigeons are highly intelligent and have been proved to recognize and remember human faces. Thank you for your compassion and good luck to you both! Hi Everyone, I am so happy to find this place where people love the birds so much!

I live in Oklahoma near Oklahoma City. I want to get two pigeons. Actually a friend is helping me!

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I work with hospice patients and use sounds and smells and animals to help them feel calm and loved. I have one dove named Solo. His wife died in her sleep one night when they were ten years old. I was in the rooom when it happened. I had just put my hand in the cage to stroke them goodnight likeI always did. They were sitting together, wings touching like they always did. Sleeping and everything seemed normal. Then I heard that sound and I felt sick.

I know that sound. I am blind so I went to see which one had fallen. Found her on the bottom of the cage. I took her out gentley to see if she was really dead. Put her up to my ear. No heart beat. She was so warm! You know now that is. Solo was still sleeping! Not for her so much.

I had a little box there and I wrapped her up in a soft cotton cloth that I was making a napkin out of. Just put her in that little box and sat it there on the table. Solo woke up. Oh dear. I hated to think what he would do. Should I show him? He went down to the bottom of his cage and he was walking around looking for her. I called the wild life rescue where I used to live in Texas. They know me. They said not to show him. That he might stop eating and drinking and die. I got him out. I held him and I told him she was gone to heaven. Still, animals know things. It was up to him though.

It always is with my animals. I have this soft pouch that I can wear around my neck and carry an animal around in it if I need to. I carried that dove around like that for a week. I slept with him in a carrier cage under the covers. I ate with him right there. I coaxed him to take a few seeds or a little water now and then.

I held him and stroked him and cuddled him a LOT!! And …. He finally stopped looking for his wife, Harmony. I know that doves mate for life and people keep saying to put another one in there with him. Oh my GOSH!! I just got a phone call!! I had left messages with different places. They are fancy ones. He shows them. Two pairs!!! Can you guys celebrate with me? Only I know what Santa is bringing me!! Hi, Pam- Thank you for being such a good friend to the birds.

Some would crowd more in but it is stressful and unhealthy for the birds. There are far too many pigeons in need of homes to permit breeding. Read more at Pigeon Family Values. Perhaps you can inspire the breeder to stop breeding and start rescuing too. And please keep Solo safe. Happy Pet Pigeons to you! Thank you for your reply Elizabeth! I want to let you know that I would never let my dove inside the cage where pigeons live.

I would put his cage in a location where he would be able to see them. Also I am talking to the man who has too many birds about replacing real eggs with wooden ones to stop the increasing numbers at his house.

Spotting Potential Child Molesters

I will continue to encourage him to change. Thank you for the exact cage sizes. The friend who is helping me build my cage fell when a 16 foot ladder collapsed and he is trying to be patient while bones mend. I think we will end up with an extra roomy cage for two birds. No babies. There is one thing I forgot to ask about. Exactly what size do the wooden perches need to be for pigeons? We want to make sure we get that right. Thank you once again for your help and your love for these beautiful and loving birds. Hi, Lucy- Thank you for helping this pigeon. A broken leg needs expert care from an avian vet or wildlife rehabber or at least a pigeon expert.

Hi, just this today I saw a pigeon being chased around the sky by a crow, and it flew right into my barn!

Hello, Elissa- Thank you for caring about this pigeon. I have a female fantail that has gotten into a fight that she lost and had both her eyes hurt she is temporary blind. I separated her from everybody and have been running water across her eyes to see if they will open back up. Am I doing the right thing and if not what should I do?

She may need some expert help, either from an avian vet or at least someone with a lot of pigeon care expertise and medications on hand. How is she today? Please send some photos. I live near Dillsburg PA she was in a smaller pen with a pair of jakes. This accident happened this past Saturday or Sunday. Saturday night I checked her and she was good. Sunday I checked around lunch and she was how she is now. About a month back i found an abanded blue butter common pigeon very young and took him in….

We had a pigeon named baby and he had the strongest bond with my husband. They were incredible to watch…. Whenever my husband would let him out to fly he would always come home. He was a dancing fool that pigeon.. Baby would always either sleep on my husband or very close by him. We raised him from a baby when he fell out of his nest.

Tragically he past away due to an accident and my husband was and still is crushed and would like to find another one like he was. Baby was more than just a pigeon.. We sure do miss you! I found pigeon in a river it was stuck with rope, i brought him home and purchased a female pegion, after about 25 day the female layed pair of eggs, i fedded them well one of the egg hatches and the other did not, the main question to is that after keeping them in my house for about a month, the same cage in which they were staying now i kept it in my balcony, both the pigeon flu away will they come back?

Hello, Arshad- thank you for saving the pigeon from the river. They may try to return to their old homes or they may be killed by predators. Pigeons depend on their wild traits and the security of a flock to survive in the wild. There are too many already in need of homes.

Spotting Potential Child Molesters

If you have pigeons that lay eggs again, please be prepared to remove the real eggs and replace with fake eggs to prevent hatching. You can see more here at. On my moms birthday we found a little baby pigeon on one of our solar panels with a hurt wing we took him in for a couple days giving him chicken food that we had and water while his wing was healing. Currently he is all grown up as an inside bird with a huge cage in my room.

He loves to waddle around on my floor and look out my window from the top of his cage. Some of his favorite places are my dresser where he yells at himself in the mirror. Or the top of my door where he relaxes and sleeps most of the time. I saw a white pigeon feeding in my yard this morning.

I have never seen one in Independemce, Mo before. White pigeons are domestic the product of unnatural selective inbreeding , not wild. If you can, lure her inside with food and give her a great home. As we all are.

Books by Diane Roblin-Lee

Thank you for looking out for her. Good luck to you both. I found George the pigeon in September and kept him he loves our dogs and makes mating calls to our chocolate lab. I recently took in my daughters conure and moved George the pigeon next to him and now she laid a egg. I thought it was a male guess i was wrong. Lol what should i do i thought putting George next to the other bird would be a nice companion but do not want to stress my pigeon if i move her. I am worried and do not want to jepordize her health. I had forgotten how funny Racers are, with their chattering when they get handled…once he gets in my hands he does hold a finger with he feet..

Thanks for the info! Apparently we have a white king that has decided to make his home at my fire station. He comes and goes as he pleases but always in the bay perched on the fire truck in the Mornings cooing :D We call him the fire chicken. He might be a lost survivor of pigeon racing any band on his leg? He needs one. Thank you for making adoption your option! There is a pigeon at my work that stays in front of one of the buildings. The pigeon has only one leg. It looks like someone has been feeding it. Should I leave the pigeon be or try to take it to my home?

If he is only missing a foot, he may be fine and have a mate and be raising babies. Someone who knows pigeons needs to observe this bird to determine his condition. Look for a local pigeon person to help you help this pigeon. If you need to, you can ask for referrals from area wildlife rehabbers, feed stores and avian vets.

They brought it home and fed it. There is some Aussie regulation we are in Australia about wild life and the vet wanted to cull it. Poor thing cannot even walk. Sometimes it would make a woo sound if anyone tries to get too near. Hello, Saima- thank you to you and your family for helping this poor pigeon. I can tell you that we have seen pigeons with very disabling conditions heal as well as others who, with a few special accommodations, go on to live happy lives despite their disability. Your pigeon at minimum needs a soft, cushy surface folded towel to sit on, needs to be picked up to relieve pressure on the legs, have bottom cleaned, get a chance to move a little.

Thank you very much for your compassion. Hi, I am from New York City and its very hot out. I have no experience. I went to pet store to seek any idea how to handle pigeons but they have no answer. Please tell me what to do. So desperate. Thank you very much for helping this baby pigeon! Empty Cages Collective info emptycagescollective.

Pingback: A handfed Pigeon or Parrot? Our neighbor got married and released homing pigeons. Three of the 4 pigeons flew to our home and have been here for 3 days. We were told the pigeons would fly home. We have a water source for the birds and we have been feeding them. They are very interested in us.

We have a huge cage that could be used as an aviary if they decide to stay. If they do stay, how do we get close enough to get the birds in the cage? We have a cat and raccoons around our yard. I saw where they needed to eat to be strong enough to fly home. They seem to be just fine.

What should I do? Thank you for looking out for these pigeons. You are right. They are not safe out in the world. They are domestic birds with no real survival skills. Thank you for your compassion. I hope that you are able to save them. I have two pairs of pegions … I have got a nice big cage made for both the couples..

One of them mated and laid two eggs.. Y would he do that.. Should I put them in separate cages. Yes- something is wrong. The cage may be too small for 4 pigeons and the male is punishing his hen for not keeping her distance from the other male. Or she may be weak or injured and he is frustrated. And please get expert assistance from someone local to help you. If you allow those eggs to hatch, the baby pigeons need to be protected from non-parental adults plus you will need even more space.

They are completely dependent on us for their well being. Thank you for being compassionate. I recently found an injured pigeon hopping around my neighborhood. He cannot fly so I brought him home with me. I have no experience with birds but I cant just let him go wounded like this. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Hello, Desiree- Thank you for helping this pigeon.

Injured birds need expert help. You can find more info on our Resources page and you can also find pigeon rescuers from all over the world on Pigeon Talk www. Please find a local pigeon-friendly expert to help you help this pigeon ASAP. As it got colder I let him in got the winter. It spend the winter months in my sf shop. In March he wanted to go out do I lef him out everyday and he always came back at dusk. In April he was shot with a pellet and missing for 2 days.

He came home walking on the 3rd day dragging his wing. Of course I brought him to the vet and had his wing reset. Unfortunately the pellet can not be removed it way to deep. It passed thru his wing and into his body. It took a couple months but he back to flying and wants to go out everyday. He has joined up with a local flock and spends the day sitting on roof tops and flying with them. Lately he started staying out at night and then coming home 4 or 5 days then stays out again.

About 4 months ago i got 2 abandoned pigeons they were about a month old. In the beginning they were friendly to myself others and each other in time they no longer liked others only me and shortly after what i assumed was the male begun his dancing and cueing and got rather unfriendly. The other startedthe same days later. This male stay s unfriendly The other comes ti mt hand. To get back in. Just be be beat back up by the male again. My question is can put my females togethet and reliese my males or cage the males outside idk what to do ill be moving soon and dont know that ill be able to keep anyof themoutside please help thxmandy t.

Hi, Mandy- Thank you for trying to help these pigeons. Pigeons are super smart, emotional and complicated creatures. I always recommend that young pigeons get expert care from pigeon-friendly rescuers rather than be kept by the kind-but-new-to-pigeons people that find them. Sometimes it works out but too often the birds suffer from our inexperience, despite our good intentions.

Many times people create coops that are not predator-proof and the birds are maimed or killed inside them. Or if these are even wild pigeons? There are lots of kinds of pigeons- wild and domestic- and different kinds have different needs. Now they are growing up and asserting their independence. Regarding the conflict, there could be several reasons. Perhaps they are both male or perhaps the space is too small or? Please find and get some local expert help! There are pigeon-friendly rescuers everywhere. You can find a lot of info on our Resources page , you can find help at Pigeon Talk www.

Thank you again for wanting to help these pigeons. Please get the support of an expert to help you. I have no clue… Anyway, ever since we have been trying to take care of the little one and hand feed it and give water etc Thank God for You Tube and internet…one can learn pretty much anything Anyway, our goal is to see it grow up healthy and get back to the open skies where it belongs and not get stuck with us. We are not caging it but have brought it inside to keep it safe till it becomes big enough to be self reliant. Are we doing the right thing or do we need to look for a bird adoption center and give it there.

Please advise. Hello, Kavi- thank you for helping this pigeon but please- find an expert in rehab and release to care for and prepare this youngster for living wild and free. By caring for it yourselves, you are creating a bird that will be dependent on humans and need protection and a home for the next 15 years. Good luck to you and to this pigeon. I want to start a pigeon colony in my yard. I live in Canada. How do I go about obtaining some pigeons to start the colony?

Pigeons As Pets: Outside or Indoors |

Is there a place that cells them? I am looking to get the largest pigeons similar to the ones that I used to raid before I immigrated to Canada. Thank you for being a lover of pigeons but please do not buy any pigeons to breed. There are too many that are suffering and dying for lack of proper homes as well as being hunted and shot for fun.

I just saw a pigeon yesterday outside my balcony we caught it and put it in this basket. I kniw that someone owns it since it had a pendant at its foot but we still really want to keep it as a pet. The fact that you were able to catch this pigeon means he does need help but the life you describe would not be appropriate. Pigeons are extremely smart, emotional and complex creatures. This pigeon needs expert help and a proper life with a safe and big enough aviary and the company of other birds, not to be kept standing in a small cage because you want a pet.

Think of this pigeon like a person. This pigeon has his own needs. Without proper help, this pigeon will likely die. And, if you were to let him go, he is not likely to live long enough to be able to get home. I just lost my white racing homing pigeon, Angel, this morning very suddenly and without warning.

I found her in , on a very busy street in the city. At the time, her wings had been clipped drastically — two thirds. I never clipped her wings while she was mine. She was affectionate and gentle. She had a habit of spreading a wing across my chest like she was hugging me when I took her out of her cage. I will miss her more than I can say. Oh, Mary. She was so lucky to find you! I have a question. I have a lone pigeon I posted the info back in aug. He flys during the day with a local flock. Today I noticed what they call a pigeon fly on him. What should I use to get rid of those.

I just wanted to speak on my experience with the pigeons, I live in Chicago. Hi, My husband and I recently had a racing pigeon living on our porch for almost 2 weeks. It will walk around the driveway and around our yard and our neighbors yard. We have given him water and set out rice for him. Are they typically friendly if its a racing pigeon? Once we do learn the band number, is it true that usually when returned the owner kills it? Pigeons are totally harmless. They are gentle creatures who are preyed upon by hawks, owls, cats, racoons, rats and terribly abused and misued by humans.

This pigeon needs a safe, non-exploitative home. Wild pigeons get all their security from being part of a flock. Domestic pigeons such as this one need protection. You can post on our Facebook page and get help from a pigeon rescuer in your area. I am a science teacher in nj and fellow teachers found a racing pigeon in the courtyard of our school. After contacting the owners via information in the birds bands, it was discovered that the bird was in a race this past weekend in ny and must have gotten lost.

My co-workers turned to me because I have a house full of adopted animals.

Schaefer's Rematch Against the Predator - Explained

I have experience with dogs, guinea pigs, rabbits, geckos and bearded dragons. I have. But this would be a first bird of this kind. My goal would be to have this bird has an indoor pet. I have plenty of space for a large cage but do not know how large it needs to be. I have been doing research about food. Can someone please steer me in the right direction. I am so happy that this lucky bird has you to rescue him and give him a caring home. Please check out these articles for lots of helpful information:. Hi, we have had a pigeon in our warehouse at work, today the men were going to kill it, until I came to the rescue.. He dosnt look in pain.. Is this what they do to poorly show birds just kill them?

Thank you very much for saving this pigeon. Hi , over two years ago a pigeon shows up lands on my truck, stayed around but we never fed him but he would scare my Granddaughters they were a little frightened by him Around The 5th or 6 th month Of this bird hanging around I boxed it up carried him away 60 plus miles from our home….

He returned in side the same month…. Decided to start feeding him because he came back …. I have often found wild pigeons who have been injured or become ensnared in human rubbish and developed infections. I have done my best to look after these birds and help them recover. Often I have kept them in my house until they were well, feeding the bread, seeds and growing chickweed for this purpose. When I have asked for help or advice from vets I received a very unenthusiastic or sometimes hostile response.

What makes a pigeon less valuable? Hello and thank you so much for the information provided. I am a teacher, I have four dogs, adopted from a shelter, and two cats, that I raised shortly after they were born. For the past few months, I have been feeding six wild pigeons, that fly over the school parking lot. I am truly amazed, how they not only know me, but know my car. Every morning, they land in front of my car, and patiently wait for me.

One of them, as soon as he sees me, I think he is male , walks to meet me, and then follows me. I find them absolutely beautiful. I find myself taking time on my days off, to drive to the school, and feed them. I have found new friends on these very civilized and kind animals.

Again, thank you for your page and caring for them. However, late last summer, two pigeons took up residence here, and we began feeding and watering them. Now we have seven pigeons in the extended family. Our newest addition is a white pigeon with light gray mottling and charcoal tail feathers. So far, only one has flown into the house Juliette, who has an unusual white feather racing stripe on one wing. I had to climb up on the ladder, gently grasp her, and help her back out. She continues to visit the windowsill, though. These are, of course, feral pigeons.

At least they used to be! Birds have been ignored because dogs and cats are much too advertised for adopting.

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  5. I know people that have no problem eating a pigeon there are restaurants that serve it , but would obviously never eat a dog. All the more so I salute your initiative, pigeons feel and need love too, everyone who owned one knows this. My children found an injured pigeon she has been with us for almost five years never locked up always free running of the house sleeps with our cats and dog or in my daughters bed. Loves music or anything playing music. She dances too it. Turn out to be a Rock Dove and we love her. We first had a room for her and now she had the whole house, live happily with our 2 dogs and cat!!!

    I am 71 years old, from France where we love pigeons!! Pigeons are smart, loving, sweet little creature. Made little beds upstair and downstair on high shelves, she loves it. Everynight at 8 pm she waits with the dogs for my husband to come home and flies on his shoulder, amazing. She flies us outside and always stays close. Got pigeon pants, she also goes potty at the same place otherwise. Thank you, will open a website we love pigeons. Your story is so cute!!! Mai is in such a good hand!! It really warms my heart. My grandmother used to keep a pigeon as pet and we love her so much.

    I missed them both. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Frances flirting with his teddy bear. Jonathan James October 6, at am. Amina jaschke January 11, at am. Ben December 2, at am. Elizabeth December 2, at am. Nancy August 10, at pm. Elizabeth August 21, at pm.