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The Ball In and Out of Play - Law 9 | Coaching American Soccer

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Let's see how things play out. DeChambeau felt compelled to defend himself after seeing the response on social media. After returning to his ball, DeChambeau had to wait for the players on the nearby sixth tee to hit their shots. He let playing partner Tommy Fleetwood play his shot while DeChambeau waited for the tee to clear.

Those factors increased the amount of time it took for DeChambeau to hit his shot. Another video showed DeChambeau taking 2 minutes, 20 seconds to hit a putt on the eighth hole, his second-to-last hole of the day on Friday. DeChambeau defended himself by saying that he walks quickly between shots to reduce the overall time it takes to play a hole.

The Ball In and Out of Play – Law 9 (UPDATED!)

I couldn't figure out a way to play it four inches out because that's what the book said. That's what it looked, or that's what it said in the book, but it didn't look like that to my eyes. We walked around, took a little bit of time. I was ready to hit. My caddie pulled me off because he saw something different. That's just what's going to happen every once in a while. The time to hurry for me and the way I play the game -- this is not always how some people view it, but the time to hurry is in between shots.

kacomsilimp.tk That was just one minute slower than in Round 1 and consistent with other groups in the second round. The TOUR has seen positive results from increasing the intervals between tee times this year.