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And then Laura Trott winning two golds. And then Jason Kenny winning two golds. And then Mo Farah winning two go Top of the list concerns the storage of spare keys. So many burglaries happen this way without even the need for a forced entry. Despite this, over three in ten of us leave a key about our property, presumably thinking that our hiding place of under a plant pot, doormat, stone, or just inside the letterbox will never be discovered by anyone with nefarious intentions.

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Sadly, this is not the case, and often these will be the first places the burglar looks, just in case the householder has saved him the hassle of having to go to the trouble of finding a way in. Of course there are reasons why we may wish to stash a spare key somewhere, but consider leaving it with a trusted neighbour, or alternatively invest in a sturdy exterior keysafe, which can only be accessed with a PIN code.

What burglars look for

Anything but hiding it under a flower pot! Burglars will pinch all sorts, but one thing you rarely see is a burglar making off with a washing machine or cooker. Even a 40 inch TV is rarely a target for an opportunistic burglar. The simple reason for this is size. Trying to make off with an 80 kilo fridge freezer under your arm is not really conducive to a quick getaway. Hence why burglars will target items that are a small, and b valuable.

Put a and b together, and you have the optimum targets — jewellery, mobile phones, laptops, tablets, cash Note — burglars rarely steal bread and butter as its resale value is next to nothing.

Valuable items left on view

As such, we should take great care over anything small and valuable stop snickering there at the back and take your minds out of the gutter. Lock your jewellery and cash away in a secure safe, and keep laptops, phones, not to mention car keys hidden away to avoid temptation. The layout of your property can also help a burglar. Householders often erect fences, and grow high hedges, thinking this will deter break-ins. This can actually be counterintuitive — these same hedges and fences can give refuge to the burglar, preventing their attempts at entry from being spotted by neighbours.

Fences and gates can help, but only if you can still see through them from the outside — otherwise they are more of an aid to the burglar than the householder. Kevin and I didn't get to go to the Convention this year. A pity. I had enjoyed live blogging it last year. Amos reports on the Convention this year. Kevin and I went to the Apple store today. Our main mission was to find out why my iPod and earphone jack connection wasn't working properly. Well we ended up purchasing an iMac and finding out that nothing was wrong with the iPod.

We are now taking it through its paces, and so far first 20 minutes I am extremely impressed with our newest addition. Victor Davis Hanson has a great article about two world's colliding: the world of religious piety, and the Pythonesque Life of Brian world where nothing is sacred. There is a great asymmetry in all this.

How game are you?

Western notions of cultural tolerance and liberality are the benchmarks Muslims employ to condemn insensitive European journalism. Meanwhile, the Islamic Middle East is given a pass, as anti-Semitic state-run papers there daily portray Jews grotesquely. Read the article here. I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it. Callimachus has the answer here.

Because tomorrow is another day: Olympicked!

The author explores faith issues with at times a painful honesty. Let us be honest about ourselves, she seems to be saying. Here is her website. There's more than one way to exploit Islam. Some Muslims exploit it as a sword, and they're goons for doing so. But just as many- or more- Muslims exploit Islam as a shield, and that's destructive too. It protects Muslims from self inquiry and non- Muslims from guilt. And now I am going to dust off my copy of the Life of Brian, and watch it again.

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that intolerance of any kind stifles intellectual growth, and that laughter is in fact the best medicine. After all, I know that God has a sense of humor! One of my favorite bloggers is currently living and writing in Lebanon. He is writing about his recent visit to Iraq.

Check this out. So I am a little late to the party. I've just found out about podcasts. For a brief description check out Apple's Podcast here. Wikipedia defines "Podcast" as Podcasting is the distribution of audio or video files, such as radio programs or music videos, over the internet using either RSS or Atom syndication for listening on mobile devices and personal computers. A podcast is a web feed of audio or video files placed on the Internet for anyone to subscribe to, and also the content of that feed.

Podcasters' websites also may offer direct download of their files, but the subscription feed of automatically delivered new content is what distinguishes a podcast from a simple download or real-time streaming. Check out the rest of the definition here. For an exhaustive list check out the Podcast Directory here.

See a Problem?

And PodcastAlley. Instapundit and the InstaWife are now doing podcasts. Subscription is free! I've already subscribed. Pretty cool, and looks good enough to eat! I am not entirely sure whether this is a good idea. But hey, whatever floats your boat. First prize for the most tasteful uniform goes to Japan: They wore plain white parkas and hats with just a hint of the red from the Japanese flag. First Prize for the silliest hat but the best attitude - goes to Mongolia. Each person wore a dead animal but had the most cheerful expression on their faces.

First Prize for the greatest departure from their country's flag: - goes to Germany. What were they thinking? Vomit green with vomit orange parkas that bore no resemblance to their country's flag. The hats with the fake braids were also a complete fashion disaster.


Someone was thinking - let's not do the German colors! First Prize for wearing all the colors of your flag: Goes to South Africa.

Helpful hint: wear a nice neutral color and then accessorize with colors from your flag. And lastly Italy.

talsculippnastio.tk Metallic colors are not a good idea when televised. They gleam too much. But what does this mean for winter fashion? Metallic colors are in! I actually liked Peter Gabriel's version of Imagine. I still prefer the poignancy of the original. Peter's version sounded a little too militaristic for me in the beginning. The lighting of the Olympic flame was quite spectacular. We tivo'd a repeat broadcast just to see that one more time. Sally's World. Home Archives Profile Subscribe. Olympic report back I am getting close to being all olympicked out.