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What may seem like boring, boilerplate people-counting is actually darn important. Funders can spread the word among grantees about why an accurate census count matters for getting equitable federal funding and engaging hard-to-reach communities and populations.

For resources and information, grant makers can download the Census Funder Toolkit from the Funders Census Initiative. Community-based organizations and non-profits can help with canvassing and reaching HTC communities.

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Community-based organizations can create a canvassing strategy and work with local government and the Census Bureau to collect and submit the information needed. FCCP offers guidance on how to reduce the likelihood of an under-count here. Funders and community-based organizations can collaborate on a campaign to convene organizations to discuss mobilizing an action plan to get out the count. Working together, this campaign can not only make sure organizations are supporting a fair and accurate census count, but it could also inform and inspire citizens to participate in the Census.

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What Is Conversational Commerce & Why You Should Care

So that was one of the big drivers for what then happened to employment. Where you had productivity growth without the demand growth, employment tends to suffer.

Andrew McAfee: There are a couple policy implications that come out pretty quickly. Now, in the short term, economic growth is absolutely the best way to get the hiring engine kicked in again. So the right way in the short term to grow employment is to grow the economy.

James Manyika: Certainly education will help. So think about what Uber and its like and its kin are doing. Think about what models and businesses like Airbnb are doing where people can then use assets that they have, like their houses or their flats, as ways to generate income. Those are just examples of ways where, if you think about it as an income-generation question as opposed to a full-time employment problem, you expand the possibilities.

Andrew McAfee: I foresee a big change coming in the way the very best organizations are making some of their key judgments, forecasts, predictions, decisions. The tough transition is going to be getting the people and the alleged experts out of the way, and teaching them to be a lot more humble and a lot more data driven.


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You get them quickly and you get them from unexpected quarters. James Manyika: We know that the Internet has created huge benefits for us as consumers. The amount of things we can now search, find, discover, consume, all of that. But the thing about that is that most of those things are things none of us pay for.

The employment challenge

As you look at the list of the technologies that we have in our research, many of those have the same characteristic. One is a portion of this is going to go to consumers as things that they pay nothing for or very little for. A portion of this is going to be surplus that will move from one sector to another. Teo and Beny won BrewDog's development fund last year. The aim? Bridging the craft beer gap between the U.

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Many breweries take influence from our American forerunners, yet compared to the U. Not to discount the growing number of up-and-coming brewers in the U. So what can we work together on in order to achieve? The journey took Teo and Beny on a small tour to promote awareness of their new beers, the brand, and to gather support from both sides of the pond with stopovers including Manchester, Edinburgh and London to connect with the likes of Cloudwater and BrewDog U.

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Connecting with individuals, making waves in the industry, and backing from a growing U. As Teo says, "This movement for inclusion in craft beer, along with our goal of opening this brewery is not about tearing down what's currently here Click Enter only if you are at least 21 years of age. Close search.